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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

staring and star gazing

"Believe me Lidya is awful". That's what aryaman told me. After talking to her for I don’t know how many days. I guess months..They finally met. They met at PVR Saket, Teasers. You know ofcorse. To smoke I-Gen and drink peer.Well Turquoise Cottage wasn’t far either but Lidya normally goes to Teasers.

I know that was beer!

And as Frustration leads to obliging; so wherever the girls want them to be they come. She asked him to come at 4.These iitians are dumb idiots, Except for their sheer intellect which can't even do a helluvajob they should be happy being acknowledged as Idiots In Town. As she stepped down her Yellow Zen (whoaa) she waved at him.
Wearing the new Levis shirt to look mature and black jeans with Adidas shoes, he saw her.
Shyt Man! watt a bhanngan!

Well, the hye comes naturally, and so does their so called "getting along", he started roaming about trying to avoid the people's eye. Couldn't even look properly to other people.
I pity him. Sometimes it’s so difficult to say to the girls how he exactly feels about her."We do have a situation here."

They went to barista, were having cappuccino and then she entered; his school buddy Riya. Let me describe her, 5 ' 6", fair, amazingly hot, smart trendy studying in Purdue.
"I believe you must have made the picture till now; enough to drool over if she necks you"
And the panic starts, “what the fcuk should I do “When the reputation amongst the buddies comes to question, even fear likes to pee.

He tells her “Let’s go. I gotta hurry. My uncle's gotta pick me up at 5. "Aryaman" Is that u? A voice called from behind
“No ” He says. It was indeed audible. Suddenly he was the main attraction.
Riya comes up; looking dead gorgeous, well people were eyeing him again with a different perception though.

He was really panicked, was not even thinking how to introduce her to her. He went to counter to pay the bill. It was as if the whole crowd was yanking him! As Riya comes up to him, he was so nervous that he ran.

Striking the Asahi glass door, hitting lidya's eyes, spilling the coffee over Riya he ran ...
he literally ran away from them. I really pity him.

“Sometimes it’s better to express your self at the first instinct than to feel even worse for the whole day later”

Now the question is ..."how's he gonna tell Riya who is lidya and how does he know her.. Is it through yahoo talks?”


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