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Monday, March 13, 2006

Khichdi and Chokha

Sometimes You want to be many things you like. Sometimes you wish you could be the centre of attraction, or u yearned for being the issue. You wanna be the only one people love to appreciate about. Mehul ,I mean this mite not me very true to every extent but be mature and draw the corollary.

Well if you thinking you don't want to be as such, I say, think again dude/miss don't fool around with yourself right at this moment when you know what you craved the most when you have friends around discussing everyone but whoa... they missed discussing you ! I know it must have happened with you, but now you have forgotten.

Yesterday I was in a mood to make such people more depress, somehow I am not getting a feel today to write about it so lets chuck.

Holi was fun at home. Arhar dal, chawal, salad aaloo ka bhujia! Well everything was perfect.

I howver felt sad and depressed, it never happens with me usually but then I was think and I realised somethings. You seriously think: Every point and every stage of my life parents have always stood beside me, always wanting my improvement. I never understood when they said "This is for your benifit. I just want you happy" That killed me. Always the same old lines.
Sometimes I used to get spiritual and say, "I don't need materialistic things and stuff. Just let me be on my own. " At those times I realised this.

As when I thought to place myself in theirs and then be as distant from my son giving him so called "SPACE" I mean just not bothering him, while spending all my money, energy and strength, with tenderness and zeal and hope. My inner desire would always be that my son never feels defeated and whatever I have learnt from my experience ;I should tell for him to be all ears and and watchful. then I am not gonna curb my voice.

I really dont feel to talk about anything; just started to write without a purpose, watched "harold and kumar's trip to white castle"
They were playing battleship in toilet, where you sort of combat with the next guy by sound competition, they said "Its not about farts. Its about pursuit of happiness, its about being the winner about how healthy,clean and fit your body is".
That's why I love Philips and Terrance from South Park. Ashish Bhaiya I am really sorry !

Cheers !

I am a terrible writer and have really messed up here. sorry to waste ur time.


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