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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Lal Quila

I liked the idea of writing it as Lal Quila rather than red fort. the sex n the idea was exhilarating...

It was all about imagination, had always been. I have understood a lot about myself. Seriously a lot. Firstly I would say that I love sux but am not actually so much fond of it, yet empty mind is a devil's garden where my mind loves to wander, so you can make out the irresistability. Secondly I am not a straight forward person, Thirdly and most important I become quite indecisive many times.
Yet there are times where all this concept is a mere bubble. where a poke can make it vanish so I shouldn't wory. Actually I was here to tell you about an amazing incident. You believe it or not is entirely your choice. It's a lie.
Lal Quila is a resort, a history, a place where maharani n ranis lived, were behind that purdah, peeping in and out to check out whats happening in the court of Akbar. It was a place where evrything had happened, from love to wars, defeats to wins, conspiracies to " coming evrything out in open" , trust to betrayl, passion to hypocrisy, infidelity to taboos. Sana n me were just walking down the chandni chowk when she popped up the question, " lets go in "
"What ? "
" No Seriously lets go in"
Well Had nothing to do. And I didnt want to go to V2 or DV8 and just grab a beer and smoke. I get disgusted with that sometimes. Like the idea of walking on grass bare foot, eating peanuts or sprouts talking to some haute chick like "Madchen Amick" from Joey .. who just knws the right thing to speak at right time. Immaculate..
So we finally went in.. Pretty high security coz of the Bomb Scare.
Finally we were roaming in..
We had met after a long time, after 2 years. She is presently in SPA Delhi 3rd year. We used to date earlierand we had chemisty..., believe me that was true. I asked her the usual stuff about her guy, her gurls i knew she wasnt straight.. always some kinky stuff was always on her mind. She was a scorpio. So finally not to make the usual moves or "my normal A game" I kissed her. God she responded well.

" I knew tht was coming Saurabh but neway I love it.. and she smiled cunningly"
I broke the kiss, later we went to the darkness and made out. She moved her hands on me and I moved mine. The talking in between were indeed funny, All she was saying was " What perverts are we?"
( I knew tht was coming.. i grinned )


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