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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

india mite lose so njoy ADS

Smoking KILLS ! but SLowly. Go and see below what happens...? WHOAAAA

Shalabh, Nishad, Bud Buddies Inc. Temme : Are you smokin the cigarrate or its vice-versa ???
Well ! so much so for now.

Ford SLVR Cannon "Coming Soon" i dont knw the brand, i forgot i just made it up. but the execution " Brilliant" !

The world's most beautiful game has blacks and whites. Remove RACISM. I just realised Blacks are in all the game. like today West indies.. black, soccer- no doubt, Athletics..marion jones, jhonson, maurice green n many., basketball: Do i need to answer that? Surely evrywhere.. that something good !

The Client : Playstation 2.

I told you dude. DO NOT mix alcohol WITH DRIVING. I dint get how he broke his leg while driving ... still pondering..
See it close if you dont get it. Its the "wonderbra" You know what " My son is gonna join this school or college, whatever"

Hahaha ... sometimes the good ideas are right infront of you. this is nice.. the alogan reads: Dont let the stain ruin your day. Use ARIEL.
Source: Incase u get more interested, it is Creative Criminal, the link is in sidebar.


  • hahahaha ad toh mast thi...manna padega

    By Blogger Nishad, at 11:14 AM  

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