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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

movie: the break up

I affirmatively did not consider the movie to be subtle, the only justification would be considered if Jenifer Aniston is a capricorn. She played an amazing character, and aye she looked nice. So Sanyukta asked me to watch the movie; she had her reasons.

I have a strong reason to believe and that I and every other guy imitates. Although I wouldn’t accept but everyone wants to be somebody else. I guess it’s high time that I shouldn’t associate the reel life to real life. At the end you should know that “It was just a movie” and “You are the boss of you”. You are not stereotyped. The last movie which did this to me was “Salaam Namaste” I hated it to the core, and it freaked me out.

Thats why I watched “the departed” yesterday. I wanted to watch it anyway. Well When Jack Nicholson walks the store to the boy and tells him “ You know, when I was your age they wud say that you could become cops or criminals but today what I am saying is this “When you facing a loaded gun, whats the difference”. Exaclty ! The kind of a movie I am good for.

And if you guys listening then back me up here.


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