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Sunday, March 26, 2006


Cyrus is cool. Damn the Adrenaline! I don’t think the movie had any relevance in our real life, pura chutiyaap tha. I simply fail to understand the mob mentality that we entertain ourselves or we pride ourselves for watching what we don’t like, and still act entertained. Do you love to be a child prodigy, u pity the old man because he was miser, or like saif ;he had no right to do that.The whole idea of getting intellectual and interpretive is non sense, not because it's bad but that you don’t want to be as such exactly.
Temme why do we write blogs, is it for us or for others. When you start writing an article or something you just think about as what you feel and then as everyone judges it you say it’s my opinion.
Then why the fcuk u wanna share your opinion. Keep it to yourself.
Sometimes I feel saying I watched "BEING CYRUS" had become more important that saying I watched "SOUTEN".
U are slave to the people and society, being a social animal has made you a "So- shell Animal" Try to be free from everything Go a/c to Vedas n Gita.Dude I really don’t care why the people fear what they like, I really feel terrible for all those who have great sense of raunchy humor and still no guts to say them. I am not despising the movie, cause I went to see Saif, Dimple just because they act well, liked it because it’s different but was amused when I applied it to myself.

How about we make the next movie about "HAKEEM USMANI" Well you do travel by train and find the advertisement.... jerks!
Ha Ha


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