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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

why people SUCK

why? u bitches.. why. You r getting 24hrs/2mpbs wi-fi net, u have soaps to wash your ass, movies to inspire,knowledge to gain, so much food to eat in this world tht u gonna die lickin ur fingers, so much so that today there are so many bra companies in the world that if u smell her lingerie today probably u wont see her wearing for next fucken decade.

but after all this we still fucken need PEOPLE and i mean to exclude the chick being screwed above. Well, you see everything boils down to how you TREAT PeOpLe..

You will surf net continuously but all would u read and like is people. You watch videos of people, listen songs by people, read material of people, think big to show people, have sex with people (m not joking..) I have a girl. She is people. I hate her at times because I am bad with people. Some people are awesome and they won't even realise that and if they do they can't do a thing about because the moment he realisez that he wont go far.Thats the best part. If Abraham Lincoln became president after loosing for 16 long years, it was cause he knew he sucked in politics, he was not made for it yet he pursued his dreams to be 1. He did but that didn't change the fact he sucked politics. Similar goes with people. You just know you suck.... you can just make out that. Accept IT

I have accepted it. Funny though is that I hate to accept it everyday and everytime, you know why coz I cant do a thing about it. I change me but not you. FUK ...

but the thing which makes me going... and make me live this fucken nice LIFe is that ...I know.. I can be the person that would make every fucken being think "WHY PEOPLE SUCK"
thats the Irony.


  • listen bond....im gonna try n say this really nicely n try n block all my sarcastic thots tht i had after reading this entry.....ur entry wud make more sense if
    a)write the correct spellings
    b)make it more grammatically correct
    c)write bout sumthing tht makes sense(n this is not to say tht this entry dint make ne sense,its jus the way u wrote it makes it hard )

    By Blogger Shalabh, at 8:05 AM  

  • dont b offended

    By Blogger Shalabh, at 8:06 AM  

  • it was all deliberate. i mean not the spelling and grammar but the way i wrote it

    By Blogger sAuRaBh sHeKhAr, at 9:09 AM  

  • would love to hear the sarcasm.

    By Blogger sAuRaBh sHeKhAr, at 9:10 AM  

  • the lingerie thing makes no sense.....the lincoln thing dusn fit at all...now cumin to ur view abt makin ppl think"why ppl suck".....i don think there's neone who met u nd din think tht at sum point(hey no hard feelings..).....k one serious view now....fr once try makin ppl feel gud abt themselvs n evryone else....jus try....

    By Blogger Siva Kiran, at 12:21 PM  

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