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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Listen to the story son ! one day it will be a book.

So my sister gets married on 12th feb and I was ecstatic. Reached home at Dwarka, New Delhi in the morning after the marriage. It was held at Taj Ambassador and well obviously the marriage lasted till morning including "vidai" and all.

13th February 2005
Dwarka, New Delhi.

I have heard about Sanyukta from million different people and for million different reasons. She was ofcorse related with my family, no not immediate relative but a distant one. I had heard that she was one hell of a girl and by that I mean extremely focussed and very different and outspoken.

My intention was to have fun, so my cousin calls her and asks her to come to my place. While talking I snatched the phone from her and started talking. She said " Who is this ?" I said " Saurabh."very proudly assuming she would say " Oh saurabh, hi"
Well the answer was " Please let me talk to Nidhi di"

I was like " Alright! What's with the attitude and I handed the phone back to my cousin".
Huh !So I get dumped on phone.

So this is how it started. I mean nothing started just these were the first words that we exchanged. Finally She decided to come. It was about 11-12 am in the morning when I heard from the guard Sanyukta and a friend of hers have arrived.

I was like " bhainchodd.. sahi hai..masti karengey.."
And when I reached down to see..Okay I know it will sound nothing great but I l tell you the truth and nothing but the truth.

She was wearing blue kurta and a white lose light pyjamas..Her hair was untidy and since it was windy it was going here and there. Her face was small so I couldnt see her properly since her long hair was all over her face. She was wearing nike ACG floaters (ofcorse) and was busy doing the entry. Her friend was also pretty good looking and she looked very cheerful while Sanyukta was indifferent.

No matter what I say I laughed. I don't know why but I just laughed since the fun was about to begin. I like those feelings.

So there was me, my cousin brother,sister and me standing at the parkway while she took giant quick steps to reach my cousin to say hello. I don't remember what I said, I guess I was busy laughing.I might have said hi.I really dont think that I got a reply. But yea her friend said hi.. and there.. she made it unintresting.

Well, today 3 yrs down the line I never want to forget those moments where I played pranks, laughed , infact I even took my mami's "payal" and made her wear that. It couldn't have been more awkward than it already was and the end of it there was simply hatred and uneasiness. I also thought.. god she is fucking irritating. chuck

Nothing and I mean nothing prepared me for the events that happened but I guess I can never ever forget those things. Fuck.. ! I don't even want to. I could have written this blog way intresting that I have but sometimes its not needed , since it would just kill it.

13th February 2005, a day before that stupid valentines day I met my first love. hahahaha kya mazey aatey hai aisee batein karney mein.. but everything was worth it. Everything.


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