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Friday, December 28, 2007

To future....for the year December 28, 2015

First of all Happy Birthday

Hi both of you..?

What's with you guys ? What are you doing these days? Ofcorse you guys have no idea where each other of you are and even if you know, it’s pointless. Are you guys friends or is it absolute tranquility. You are a fucked up shit Saurabh.

So do u have a girl now whom you lowee?? So how is this new girl you are dating or loving...whateva… - and , How’s job? Killing you again. Huh. How much money are you making ? Are you a millionaire or what ? * kidding.. I know u..

I was just told to make you remember these when you get married to this new girl:

a.) keep your daughter’s name S. (You remember). That’ l explain that thing too. hehehe...

b.) Let your new girl decide on the other child’s name. ( joerose... read below..hehehehe)

Now I know this would sound weird and crazy, but atleast you can convince your new wife for this since you love her so much now, But you are a crazy man Saurabh, you might mess up things here too.

Anyway right now on 28th December 2007, you were sitting on the bed, listening to music and thinking everything, and was trying to imagine what would be like when you might have moved on finally. I l just try to imagine, as I move on, I would have found a new girl or something coz that’s the only way I will get over all this:

Scene: Curtains up

I am sitting in the office, at my desk in front of my laptop, doing some work while my team mates are around me talking and discussing things and division of work is being carried out. My colleagues are continuously messaging on the computer about today’s target, meetings, agendas etc.

During breaks I would be hanging around with the most lukkha group who are busy smoking cigarettes and making plans to hit the bars for drinking and catching up. Finally
I will talk to this hot girl of my office and I am assuming she is one of my colleagues.

Me: Hey, Joerose Have you completed the work, Avik told you to. I need that data right now. I have to complete this work tonight else Avik’s gonna fire me for sure.

She: Yup, I had done it already. Forgot. I l send it right away

Me: K.. Kya baat hai heroine. These days u are hitting on Akshat a lot. Should I set u up?
She: Yeah.. of all the people you chose Akshat. Please…. Why? Am I that bad

Me: Arrey kya problem hai Akshat se. He is good looking, smart intelligent.. an Eligiballll bachelor joerose.
She: Please ! not Akshat. He is a jackass. I get irritated when he laughs.

She: Don’t you have some work to finish. Badtameez ke tarah.. why are u always trying to set me up.
Me: No, just that everybody is talking about you all the time, about whom you would pick from office if given a choice. This is a stupid game we play.

She: What ? You guys play this game. Fuck! Tum log sahi mein losers ho?
Me: LOSER ! hahah.. yeah That we are. See We don’t work, we enjoy yet we get paid so much. Loser to hai hee..

Me: Neway, Chal kat, Lemme work. Will talk later.
She: Fuck You !

While I start again working on my computer, try to copy paste the codes from other window and writing the report, compiling and correcting syntax errors which I am continuously recieving after compilation of the codes. A pop sound comes !!
POP POP and there is an orange bar on my window desk blinking….

Joerose saying : Hey what do you guys talk about ?
Me : Why you getting interested, I thought you give a shit to our losers talk.

Joerose saying : Well, That I do, Tell me whom do you think I should go out with
Me: ummm ! I said Akshat

Joerose saying: Don’t talk about him please. You know what, Yesterday while he left his cellphone on my desk he got a call. As I picked up a woman started abusing me. I knew it can only be Akshat who can do such stuff which makes a woman abuse.
Me: What ? Really ! that son of a bitch told us that he is still dating that girl Akriti.

Joerose saying: I told you he is a jackass.
Me: Then may be Avik. He is the boss. You will definitely like that.

Joerose saying: Well If you want then may be I should. He is Ofcorse fabulous.
Me: Fabulous, my ass.

Joerose saying: What, He is better than you atleast.
Me: Jaa joe.. Jaa uske paas jaa.. 10 din mein break up karega.. tab jab laat padegi then u l realize.

Joerose saying: Who said I am looking some serious stuff, Just you know.. to kill time. After all Who falls in love these days. They never last. You know that. Don’t you ?
Me: Lisn I need to work. You do whatever you want to do.

Joerose saying: You are so fucking jealous. Saurabh Shekhar getting jealous. That is funny. Never knew you could be like that.. possessive kinds.
Me: Why would I be possessive of you. After all who are you to me

Joerose saying: Ah ! Ofcorse afterall it was me who asked you out and you turned me down.
Me: Oh my godddd... I asked you once to come and have dinner that too coz I was getting bored. Will you get over it already? You are so naïve.

Joerose saying: How old are you?
Me: 23

Joerose saying: How old am I?
Me: 42,

Joerose saying : ha ha not funny. I am 24. and you calling me naïve.
Me: exactly, you are so childish.

Joerose saying: You know what, you are so fucking irritating.
Me: That I am. Bye.

Joerose saying: Fuck you.
Me: Hey ! I remember, have you seen this movie called “ 40 year old virgin”starring Steve Carell(it would be funny). You wanna go. I am going tonight after work

Joerose saying: Fine. I don’t have my room-mate either. She has gone back. I l get bored anyways.
Me: Thanks for the invitation, but I have a well furnished house.

Joerose saying: You are an asshole.
Me: Like you aren’t.

Joerose saying: See ya at 7. We can take my car, I need to refuel anyhow
Me: I said, I have a well furnished house.

Joerose saying : Oh Please.. don’t even think about it. Anyhow Avik’s coming to meet me tonight.
Me: Then go with Avik for the movie, Bhojpuri movie lagee hai.. “ Humka aisa waisaaa na smajhaaa.. . Don’t stick to me.

Joerose saying: WHAT?
Me: Nothing. Now listen, Lemme seriously work. I have got tonne of work. Trust me one day we will be fired.

Joerose saying: Yea sure. See ya later.
Me: Yea, whatever.

You see , between me and Joerose there is unsensed heat, unkown love and some jealousy, passion in the loins ;-), connection of friendship, love, lust growing cutting all the boundaries and growing at a such a high rate that the office romance regulations, practicality, world everything becomes immaterial. They are gonna fall in love and it would be awesome time for both of them.

These things happen in everyone’s life. U deal and u move on. You copy me. U deal and you move on….

Future Saurabh, Remember when you were sitting on your bed and writing these stuff and thinking how 10 years down the line you have forgotten everything and now you are happy with your new life.

I know there is no point trying to remember these days. They were the worst, but may be this has happened for everyone’s good. I sent a message to the trio (She, myself and him, Dunno if they read it.)

Sam, You are definitely right on you part.
Me : I am also right on my part
Whatever ur name is : You are also right on your part.


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