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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Reason /Me\

Since WWII the West has seen a dramatic increase in divorce (6% to over 40% of first marriages), cohabitation without marriage, a growing unmarried population, and children born outside of marriage (5% to over 33% of births), as well as an increase in adultery (8% to over 40%). What's bad in that ?
People say what’s the use of holding back all the grief and let it mount to an unbearable degree! here when marriages fail; in turn I mean when the differences increase, dunno if u r in relationship but when u b in one u mite realize what small petty matters create a loop hole in marriages;
Tell you for instance , the previous weekend I was at my girlfriend's place. Well they had some problem at their place regarding their friend smoking and drugs. Coz she was doing a bit excess and naturally the friends were concerned. I dunno why girls are so girly. It really annoys me at times. Anyway later she went to “handle the situation of people frowning and shouting" I heard again and this time she was also at the top of her voice. So what was the end result? Nothing. She came back, I was a bit annoyed n told her what was the use of going there. Believe me explanation was way beyond my imagination. She was all concerned about her, told me that this is the way the problem is solved, we should make sure she doesn’t do drugs (though when they drink and smoke they all encourage each other to have a blast and party hard all their lives and all that shit). She told me that she shouts at first and then she would understand. Well then she condemned me of being selfish. I dunno, may be that I mite sound such while you read my blog; coz as u read u mite make a picture of me.( well that's not exactly u wish I am, no movie gags here)
There's a thin line between being selfish and being yourself. People say there's no black and white in everything, rather the midway "grey" everywhere. Either u r black or u r white; there's no grey. For every act, every decision every choice u have made in ur life the direction was simply all black or all white. No grey. If you agree with this you do get me what I say. Well as she explained her character that she shouts at first and then she cools off and understand. If you know that then you should have only explained later. Later we had a fight as she was telling me all this with all being grumpy and frustrated, walls were thin, I didn't want anyone to know I was interested coz I wasn't, I cared about her that’s it. Well her voice rose, and I pacified her by keeping mum. I didn’t want to fight as after 20-30 fights you tend to catch on. But naturally that instinct, that rush in me was there. As I took a bath, I found I was cool, hip hop again.

Well you see why sometimes you need to change partners, so ("Redefined Monogamy” is fine as when people actually are happy deep down after finding the solution you
Sudipti condemning it. so u exactly trying to stay that stick with your spouse even if u r happy, stressed, under peer pressure for making ur partner happy n act like one too." ironical!)
Coz once that adrenaline forgets how to get back, hell break lose. "Can you ever reason your experience" you can't buddy. As nothing is permanent so don’t judge, try to think before and act and depend only when your pride isn't at stake. And pride is not having an attitude for nothing, there has to be a reason. Reason is what we are endeavoring to reason at... What’s your reason to read and comment, think again, there is also a reason that you think..


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