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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Conversations with God

You know what was I thinking the other day. It is sweet but ironic?

God : What exactly?

Ah.. there u go.. What happened? U weren't talking..?

God: I don't like talking to you when it's worthless talkm, but this doesn't seem worthless

Fine ! So I was thinking when she l grow and have babies and all, would she tell them the truth who loved her the most?


u there


oh my god ! fine I was thinking what shd i do with "my thing"

God: umm that's a question I was thinking too. What would you do with that?

I wanted to name my daughter that.

God: You having kids, r u crazy. Dont bullshit with me?

Ah! Exactly how about "hiding"

God: You can't do that forever?

Chuck God ! Isn't there any break ups in heaven? Like angels and all u knw with other angel,s ome devil wooing angel?

God: Not Really. They aint like you.

What's that suppose to mean. You still don't like me.

God: No I don't. You are not understanding. I have communicated to you through every possible way. She, him, bhaiya and even me. Didn't I. Remember I didn't say a word that time too.

I slept at ur doorstep for hours. It was cold too.

God: Stop Saying it. I don't like that. It was really gesture for a person like you but cummon you also know I cannot help you here?

When do you ever?

God: I will ! You will be happy then.

Will I ?

God: You will Saurabh. Ur life is precious... Save it for me.

Thanks. I really appreciate your support. Just keep her happy and keep me in control.

God: I help those who help themselves.

I miss her.


Just say it once.

God: Dont Worry.

Thanks. Now lemme go to study. Got exam.

God: haan chal kat.. hehe

U r unbelievable.

God: Thats y I am GOD.

Bye !
God: bye.


  • wen ppl r way too comfortable with their lives they complicate it... u knw it all... black o white... jus be happy..

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:55 AM  

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