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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Incest atlast

You know this is something mindblowing. You understand mind-blowin, it will really blow your head off and I would be more shocked if you tell me you knew it yet never talked about it.
Fucking South Indians. They are fuckers man and not metaphorically speaking. I always thought they are pretty reserved and their tradition is so orthodox, ofcorse I don't know any of their traditions just that when you see them there is a vibe that they are very good, not mean, happy, hardworking people who always do what their parents tell them to do. This is something good until “live “ (read backwards) happened.

Did you know that INCEST IS LEGAL FOR SOUTH INDIANS ( I don't know which south indians I am talking about, but definately a lot of them). They can fucking fuck their cousins. They are allowed to and wait for it... it's coming.. BY the CONSENT of their parents ! ( Nailed it )

Fucking Fuck !!! My rakhashabandhan couldnt be ruined any more badly. Huh.
and those of you who are wondering what I am talking then I will tell you the broader concept.

In south India ( I dont know which parts, but many parts so dont argue !!) they do not consider their mother's brother daughters as sisters and they are allowed to marry them. Girls are allowed to marry their mother's brother and also their son[Mama and his offsprings] . Similarly the boy can marry his father's sister and her daughters [bua and her offsrpings]. Practically you know what I am saying. Only sisters they have is their real ones and their mother's sister daughters or sons.[Mausi's offsprings].

They say since their mother and her brother is opposite sex hence their children is not their cousins. And forget about their mother's cousin children, they are ofcorse allowed to marry them. I know that in Greek mythology even Gods commited incest, but that's not the case here. It's something else.

1. You live on the border of A.P and if your neighbour is south indian and suppose one day when ur friend meets your family like you and your mama’s daughter he can practically joke with you and ur cousin sister...Like Oh my god ! are you guys doing, without any hesitation of disgust and it can be in front of both of ur parents. Did you see this coming from him in years?

2. If I have a sister, my cousin can do my sister and I can do his sister with the consent of our parents, and in case things work out well their could be marriages of all 4 of us together. Cousins marrying cousins ! see where this is going ?

3. Since it's 2007 I know people are much broadminded and outspoken and all crap about talking birds and bees are on All India Radio, so lets cut to the chase. You know what these people do. Practically if a guy likes his cousin [ I would still say cousin, coz even if they don't because for us it's always cousin]. So if a guy like one of his 4 sister cousins, she is a bit younger.They are so shrewd that they wait until the elder ones get married so that when she is the one left, the guy would ask his uncle if I can marry her and then they happily live ever after. So these people choose among her cousins the hottest one and they marry them. huh !!!

4. This is not a joke! I have my friends, across my room having this in their houses His name is T.S Bhargava, B Tech 4th Year, DPT, IIT Roorkee. Other accomplices are Obul Reddy, Vamsi Murthy Krishna, R. Abhishek, Siva Kiran Josyula, Mehul Doshi (he has issues), Anwar Pasha Shaik. These people are are my batchmates living normal live seeing incest( for us) in their house daily. Well Anwar Pasha is another exception. He is a muslim and a south indian. So his benefit is he can have Four Wives+ all of them can be his cousins or choose it from below.

Allowed Network of Marriages in South India with Parent’s Blessings :

(click on it to get a BETTER VIEW) This day couldn’t have been ruined any further. Happy Rakshabandhan.


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