I know.. there is something wrong within....

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Urban Nomad

I am not a gay yet i love to stray
i am sorry to say that horses neigh, but
that's my way to start everyday

I was 11 when i went to boarding skool
there I only learnt how to drool
i can still remember the vivid land
where the student bullied me with a wand.

I aint a prodigy, so lets be real
wasn't a fob but always chilled
afraid to shoot, but a wickerman
now i just love to hear marshall's stan

i never thought to write a song
dickhead! people change... bing bong
i am from patna, proud to say
but man, these guys just love to play

Stare in my eyes, i' l tell u what's life
coz i have experienced the edge of knife
i can woo any girl, trust me about that
dont you frown at me; i know u r a brat

Enough for today, enough for now
time has come to say you chow

Cheers !


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