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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

that's Joey Tribbiani

Well! Not a thing to mention about but it cracks me up every time.
The regular sceen at Monica's kitchen. Joe's sandwich is all what he is staring. Ross with his quirks which is gleefully heard by Monica and Rachel. Out of the blue, Joe's expressions catches attention, where he is doing his ' fart' acting (as listening to Ross) which he always does when he "thinks". Well surely not his cup of tea but anyway.

Joe: Hey Ross! Temme one thing. I got a science question.
Ross: Oh..k Shoot !
Joey:Well.. ! If homosapiens were infact...( a slight pause) HOMO Sapiens
Is that the reason why they are extinct?

Ross (amazed a bit though.. replied) "Joey! Homo Sapiens are people".

Joey ( smirked.. and in jest) : Hey Ross. Its okay... I am not JUDGING.



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