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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

1001 cigarattes.com

Well, it’s not so poignant, that I started smoking. However I have my reasons.
I don’t have any godamn qualms;

triumphant and hilarity always knocks my door.
“Great going buddy” is the statement which I am used to.
So no cynic are welcomed here.

However going through the outlook, I saw modus operandi for delight. How veritable is that?
The first one goes as: H=F/D Fulfillment upon desires. To a certain amount I conflict.

But the other one from psychologists Rothwell and Cohan
Happiness=P+ (5*E) +3*H

P=Personal Characteristics, outlook, adaptability and Resilience
E=Existence and relates to health
H=Higher order needs, expectations, self esteem, ambitions, humour

I so concur with it. Mark each out of 10 to see for yourself.


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