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Sunday, April 16, 2006


Professional Arena.
Talking to this person whom I met on bus about Sales & Marketing, was really amazing
As he saw me in those Innshady torn bermudas nd shirt sitting beside; he asks me “How old do I look ". I blatantly said 25. That's it. His idiocy began. He told me how he has maintained his skin, telling me about estrogen/testosterone in human body, much more but....
Topic change

At the age of 30, working for a German pharmaceutical company he meets doctors, chemists wholesalers and distributors and sells them their medicines.
That’s it. He averages about 35 grand a month.
What the fuck?
Working in the Sales sector as a manager (desperately seeking to be a product manager, he succumbed to be GM) Apocalypse aside, he told me how the system works.
(Say)His company makes medicines for Asthma people cleared to the 4th level(which means tested on a healthy human being) he goes to places in his area, shows the tests which he has in his black bag, and just asks them to prescribe this medicine to patients.
Later he sells these to chemists in that area.

His department has 5 guys (as his juniors); with each he spends the whole week later makes them meet with the people concerned. With this the "new boy" learns, establish contacts
And he spends his fucking whole month wandering.

I really digress on the topic, bad memory eh.....


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