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Sunday, April 23, 2006


Foster, I hate it yet love it. Truly speaking I don’t know how I feel about it. But whenever the word party comes to my mind. It’s food, beer, sex or sutta.
I dunno why has my mind so converged to so limited matter and despite that I feel exultant about all this .
Yet so many things are there of which I am passionate about. You start from skateboarding, soccer, basketball, journalism, editing, optimizing, programming, intellect, debating, talking to an economist, scrutinizing spiritualism, commenting reviews, music, novelties etc

Does ne one hear me. Well no-one!
Anyway It doesn’t matter. I just wanna say to each n every person on this earth whether he lives in a dark corner and mushy streets of patna, or in Jamui (near patna) or at GK-1 or Sainik Farms Or at Malabar .Whether you own the latest convertible Lexus or a tvs luna. It doesn’t matter to me.

All are same. Of some of you may have goofy or slapstick humour, some may be saddist, some may not know “what exactly attitude is” I so go along well with everyone.
Yet when people have this fear and insecurity all over in them,I feel amused.
You know what people.. “You need me”. a new gap is to be filled with “Saurabh”
shred your fear.

Show them a fist and they think I m gonna kill them. Fucking no adrenaline rush. Scare them and they wimp. Ask them to drive to drop u near ur home and they turn their heads. While speaking all this trust me I no more feel a single dreg of anger or frustration. I feel happy and experienced, enriching and vicious emotions make me not think of any of them. And so would you when you would be living with them.

Even now I am part of that system I have resented all my teen. I feel too happy.. When I am phony, I feel I am the best and when I am not, I feel “there wasn’t any doubt with my earlier feeling”

Whew many contradicting views would naturally come, and I concur with you. Don’t worry you aint the one I am talking about..

My girlfrend is dating some cow..( he looks like tht) So the other guy asks him "so r v gonna meet again?"She retorts "Well ya" I think I like you. I am gonna "SAVE THE HORSE, Nd RIDE THE COWBOY"


  • hey man...i dint c ur blog b4.....fuckin luv it..................dude really well done...........now im gonna check dis shit out every day.....wen u comin to delhi...my exams end on 20th may...even ketan is gonna b here than...n dude change my blogs name to whiskey talks in ur links list....peace man

    By Blogger Shalabh, at 6:38 AM  

  • thanks a lot dude..nice to have someone commenting.

    well ya my exams are getting over on 12th, after that i would b in delhi. ketan's coming on 8th.. wht about nishad and manga. r they coming too?

    By Blogger sAuRaBh sHeKhAr, at 8:36 AM  

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