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Saturday, October 18, 2008


All whiskeys are equal; They are all vastly inferior to Jack Daniels.

3nd October ‘2008,
7:30 am.

It was the best feeling when I rolled over nicky and kissed her on the shoulders. I guess scottish girls don’t open their eyes, she jst rolled back and started smothering my lips. I could feel her legs trying to move on mine while kissing and her knees poking me inside the quilt.

She looks at me says “so how was meal last night?” I said Jesus heard my prayers...

She laughed and looked at me..then gave me a peck , took my towel, wrapped around and went jumping on the carpet straight into the shower, shouting “ you can join if you want.”

I put my hand on the back of my head smirking, as I cut the tip of the cigar and whispered“ Thank you Jack.”

2nd october ‘ 2008
7:30 am.
I woke up startled, with a jolt, one hand on the ground fingers touching the floor and the second grabbing the pillow. I squeezed my eyes and it was 7:30am. I was cranky and had one of those nights with heavy liquor. Normally I don’t go down but yesterday was a wasted night.

I came out of the hotel, to leave for the office, took my cigar and lit it. While i was busy doing that Mohammed, Adeeb came out n shouted

“Gud morning shaun”
I looked at them, didn’t feel the urge to reply back, my mind was kinda fixed on the dream last night of having a conversation , meaningful conversation, like looking for a shrink perhaps.

I ignored them.
So as I went to the table for breakfast, pouring cereal and stuff. Just right about then my eyes wandered to the legs across my table. There was a tattoo of a sparrow on her ankles, a blue-yellow sparrow flying. I looked up to see her and she was there asking the people orders.

Sweet ! I said aloud.
After she was finished them, comes to me and says “ What do u want to have for breakfast?”
“ sparrows”.
What again?
I said nothing. What do u have?
No I heard you said sparrows. I just looked at her and said, it’s a beautiful tattoo.
She smiled and said in long sweet voice.. ( don’t know what’s the deal with singing)
I knowwwwww
Can I have an omelette with tomatoes, fried bread and toast with honey Nicky.
Yeah.. wait a secnd..How did u know my naeeme?
It says right there pointing at her shirt.
She looked at me and gave me a sigh.. and tells me “ Its my first day here and I am pretty nervous”
You are doing amazingly well, coming from me who has always been doing this stuff from years in India.. [cummmonnn]
You from india?
Yeah, why You are from india 2. though u look tht u r somewhere from east.
Ya, I am half jewish and half english, I love that country though, never been there but my ex was Indian back in london.
Too much information nicky.. u are single, that’s all I heard.
She laughed ! o ya

That’s so good.. Alright u hurry with the orders, you don’t want the manager to see u talking, with those ppl waiting there after all its ur first day.
Oh yeahhhhhh [again]

It was the smoothest conversation I had with the stranger and I loved every part of it. Anyway my mind was still thinking if she resembled someone and I then realised she looked exactly like Shambhavi Sharma. m telling u.

She brought the tray holding everything. She put it on the table and I was still looking at her feet.
U can have it too, if you love that thing so much, said while she was setting the trays.

No, thanks. I like it on ur ankles more.

Well I am here, you can look as much as u want.

I was like.. whaa...

So I finished the breakfast and was leaving to go for the office when I said Thanks for everything and she was like. I hope you liked the breakfast more. I just said " I think i liked the ankles more" and said bye and went away.To be honest I would have hated if she had said something weird, so I left

8:30-5:00 pm

The longest day ever.


As I came back, I noticed she was still there and this time on reception. I was all cool though she was stinking with perfume.

What are you doing tonight ? said she handing over my room keys.


Do u wanna go out later at night. it's friday and this city goes nuts. I l show you.

I looked at her and said " only if u show me the tattoo?"

She said "You mean my tattoos." with a corny smile and a wink followed.


00:00 -7:30 am 2nd Oct.

In one hand, I carried Jack and other was going all crazy. I aint going in details but definately the tattoos of the sparrow coming from the nest which came out from eggs.. quite large ones were something which made my mind swirl and . . .

last thing which I said to her " I was going for a nice breakfast but god nicky u serve the bestest meal.." and she said Shaun! you have no fucking idea. Sweet jesus.

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