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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

that, my friend is Ollie

Now read this.. for those who think its so easy...

Place your back foot on the tail of your board with your foot elevated so its your toes on the tail and your heel in the air. Your front foot be about in the middle, now what you need to do is put about 70% of your weight onto your front foot and 30% on your back foot, make sure your stable standing like this, once you are you need to bend your knees so your closer to the skateboard, then at the same time a few things are going to happen you need to shift your weight to the back foot, slamming the tail onto the ground, when it hits the ground your front foot is going slide up the board to about right before the nose, while that is happening your going to shift most of the weight back to the front foot and pull your back leg up so its about level with your front foot, if you’ve done it correctly your board will follow your feet into the air and level out so when you come down you land right back onto it. If you don’t get the first try, don’t get discouraged as with anything it takes practice to accomplish, it took me about a week to actually Ollie, so just keep trying.

Tell me this aint no FAKE... I have tried this for weeks, either my board lands up 5 feet away, or I keep jumping on my skateboard while it keeps moving. Anyway i don't practise much but still.. I really think first hand experience would help.

Btw do you really think I should wear flat sole shoes... or black soles would also do ?
I l find it.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Small Ville ..World I mean

I had been busy and nobody questions me now. I am bored of writing " stuff ". I mean this encyclopedia thing. I search and I spread. Somehow I don't feel the tinge.

The story isn't mine. It's about you and when I say you, you really have to be you while reading it. I would call him Sunder Das. Sunder really had enough, either it was his mother or his father; sometimes even uncles started their lectures. Finally one day he exploded. He shouted " You first do your thing and stop lecturing me" I know everything I l do it myself. Har samaye mere hee peeche padein rehte hai.

Solely he always thought he would never shout. His father suffered from high blood pressure, and his mother always failed to understand him. He was in a state of blank dilemma where he didn’t know whom to ask and what to ask, He wanted to commit suicide but he feared the height, didn't know swimming and neither had the courage to ask for poison from the shopkeeper so he dropped the idea. His friends were always happy, he didn't enjoy the company so much, and he felt like a waste of time. His hobbies, interests were crumbling. He started reading Secret Seven when he was 10 years old, later hardy boys, Nancy drew, famous five. Well ya ofcorse Sidney Sheldon undoubtedly managed to sweep him by his feet. Finally he read all his novels. Yet he could not remember what he read, what he learnt, he knew every game but he could not establish his focus. He was bright yet his parents didn't seem to have satisfaction.

He knew it won't stop, parents would continue, he knew why they say it. He imagined that they had suffered loads during their times which is unimaginable in today’s world, heard loads of stories from them.., they always wanted his bright secured happy future. " Goody goody life they always said “. He had heard this dozens of times.
He literally cursed himself for He knew they have fair chances to be right. Just because he had been given all comforts from his birth, he is literally incapable of realizing an orphan’s life, He bought a parker in class 10th, that's y he had lost 2 pens each month, can't even think about a boy of 22 years old, who has never held a pen in his entire life. He wore his first Nike at the age of 15 so can't imagine walking barefoot. Saw his father going to the office by their new Maruti 800 as he entered college that’s why can't even think that some people just go to the sewage line to find those tiny black fishes so that his family can have dinner.

Today Sunder's office is at Daryaganj with an average salary of 15000 per month, He had been going there from past 4 months doing the same old job. He knows he can but he simply can't
He expects too much from himself, but has failed always... but he is happy, you know why because he knows everything and believe me he really knows.

Sunday, June 11, 2006


The tagline read " It can happen anywhere"
How about this "Forgive me Father" !


beta... bujhle ke naa. thts not AID ... Its AIDS !

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Thursday, June 08, 2006

itch in me !

Just to fill up the silence with the small finger..

If you think u can you can,
else you r damn rite.