I know.. there is something wrong within....

Friday, April 28, 2006

Juice was worth the squeeze

Sometimes in my life I come across so awkward situations that I can’t handle it. I don’t have hitches but certainly my quirks have no morality. No moral fibers!

While coming down the elevator, I was fed up. They take so much time? Why don’t they realize one’s hurry? However when the door opened at the 2nd floor; the lady entered, looking drop dead gorgeous from tip to bottom, Standing tall about 5 “6’ with liquid eyes , lustrous lips, hair playing enamored round her shoulders The black silk Benetton certainly had all the tensions, her bosoms was clasping, mite have even shot off( if you know what I mean). She was slender waisted, all elegant and graceful, deep navel ample hips. Shit! I had already imagined all the naughty things which came flashing in my head like a thunderbolt.

I manage to sneak quick looks. As the door closed, she kept standing at the other side. Naturally I assumed she’s going to the same floor. Delighted as I was, my head smiled.. As I was flickering through my imagination, saw her glancing at me. I manage to see her and gave her warm smile which was certainly reciprocated back.

She says hi and asks me “What’s your name?”

ME: I was really feeling uneasy, however I asked her “R u alone?”
(R u alone, what the hell are you asking)

Ya! I am. Actually I am here to meet someone. But I think he hasn’t reached yet

ME : Ok! So u coming to the Capitol. I assume..

Well .. Ya!

(What a day. Morning S** with Aditi you know that. and then the evening lady…shit I am gonna get all the dot dot dot today )

Suddenly the door opened and we barged out together, I think she might have got a hint that “I was up to something” She was smart enough to know that.
However she seemed to be ok with that and so was I. while talking sometimes she just kept her hands on my knees and I was so exultant. Suddenly she winked at me or was she blinking. I was ……

And then my cell rang, *Sameer said “I have reached; I am near the lounge entry.” I excused myself for sometime. Why…good things always happen with me.
I met sameer and told him about her and how I met a hot lady and what all we talked and as I was about to say.

He said “Wait a sec”
At that moment..... Sameer said “‘Aunty’ Meet my friend Saurabh “ *

*Names have been changed

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Sylent sigh

"There are people I know who won't hurt me. I call them corpses"
Brandy Milholland

Sunday, April 23, 2006


Foster, I hate it yet love it. Truly speaking I don’t know how I feel about it. But whenever the word party comes to my mind. It’s food, beer, sex or sutta.
I dunno why has my mind so converged to so limited matter and despite that I feel exultant about all this .
Yet so many things are there of which I am passionate about. You start from skateboarding, soccer, basketball, journalism, editing, optimizing, programming, intellect, debating, talking to an economist, scrutinizing spiritualism, commenting reviews, music, novelties etc

Does ne one hear me. Well no-one!
Anyway It doesn’t matter. I just wanna say to each n every person on this earth whether he lives in a dark corner and mushy streets of patna, or in Jamui (near patna) or at GK-1 or Sainik Farms Or at Malabar .Whether you own the latest convertible Lexus or a tvs luna. It doesn’t matter to me.

All are same. Of some of you may have goofy or slapstick humour, some may be saddist, some may not know “what exactly attitude is” I so go along well with everyone.
Yet when people have this fear and insecurity all over in them,I feel amused.
You know what people.. “You need me”. a new gap is to be filled with “Saurabh”
shred your fear.

Show them a fist and they think I m gonna kill them. Fucking no adrenaline rush. Scare them and they wimp. Ask them to drive to drop u near ur home and they turn their heads. While speaking all this trust me I no more feel a single dreg of anger or frustration. I feel happy and experienced, enriching and vicious emotions make me not think of any of them. And so would you when you would be living with them.

Even now I am part of that system I have resented all my teen. I feel too happy.. When I am phony, I feel I am the best and when I am not, I feel “there wasn’t any doubt with my earlier feeling”

Whew many contradicting views would naturally come, and I concur with you. Don’t worry you aint the one I am talking about..

My girlfrend is dating some cow..( he looks like tht) So the other guy asks him "so r v gonna meet again?"She retorts "Well ya" I think I like you. I am gonna "SAVE THE HORSE, Nd RIDE THE COWBOY"

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Nugget's Cheer-me-leaders

Time: 9:30 pm
Place: Denver, Colorado

my summers were really cool.

Well, It was a fine day initially, I was really excited about the Nuggets vs Pistons match.
Chauncey Billups rocked , 61 points with 8 - 3 pointers. The way he zoomed. dodged, phew..that fake was simply amazing.

R you even listening !
you know what... I leave it to you.. by the way the one at left most is "Stephanie"

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

1001 cigarattes.com

Well, it’s not so poignant, that I started smoking. However I have my reasons.
I don’t have any godamn qualms;

triumphant and hilarity always knocks my door.
“Great going buddy” is the statement which I am used to.
So no cynic are welcomed here.

However going through the outlook, I saw modus operandi for delight. How veritable is that?
The first one goes as: H=F/D Fulfillment upon desires. To a certain amount I conflict.

But the other one from psychologists Rothwell and Cohan
Happiness=P+ (5*E) +3*H

P=Personal Characteristics, outlook, adaptability and Resilience
E=Existence and relates to health
H=Higher order needs, expectations, self esteem, ambitions, humour

I so concur with it. Mark each out of 10 to see for yourself.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Pay no heed to thee

tht's how i am.. walk 2 the chiks
talk to them
next thing v knw
we are with them.

Sometimes when you think 2much..just like you read this book "Dancing Wu-Li Masters" nd think
you l get down to 1 thing

Do what you want to do, you l be the best everywhere.
Well I sed want to..; not have to do .....


Professional Arena.
Talking to this person whom I met on bus about Sales & Marketing, was really amazing
As he saw me in those Innshady torn bermudas nd shirt sitting beside; he asks me “How old do I look ". I blatantly said 25. That's it. His idiocy began. He told me how he has maintained his skin, telling me about estrogen/testosterone in human body, much more but....
Topic change

At the age of 30, working for a German pharmaceutical company he meets doctors, chemists wholesalers and distributors and sells them their medicines.
That’s it. He averages about 35 grand a month.
What the fuck?
Working in the Sales sector as a manager (desperately seeking to be a product manager, he succumbed to be GM) Apocalypse aside, he told me how the system works.
(Say)His company makes medicines for Asthma people cleared to the 4th level(which means tested on a healthy human being) he goes to places in his area, shows the tests which he has in his black bag, and just asks them to prescribe this medicine to patients.
Later he sells these to chemists in that area.

His department has 5 guys (as his juniors); with each he spends the whole week later makes them meet with the people concerned. With this the "new boy" learns, establish contacts
And he spends his fucking whole month wandering.

I really digress on the topic, bad memory eh.....

Friday, April 07, 2006

The Chaos Theory

Not the splinter cell chaos I mean. ( it's a computer mobile game for those who doesn't know)
I meant the butterfly effect. The definition is "Small variations during the intital stages of a dynamical system may produce large variations in the long term behavior."
My friend told me that it's said "A butterfly fluttering in SanFrancisco creates a typhoon in Tokyo."

I am still oblivious of just the varieties of thought, let alone the thoughts and my each perception has made me more of that part of the system which I always resented from my teen.
I envy Aston Kutcher in the movie "The Butterfly Effect".