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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

india mite lose so njoy ADS

Smoking KILLS ! but SLowly. Go and see below what happens...? WHOAAAA

Shalabh, Nishad, Bud Buddies Inc. Temme : Are you smokin the cigarrate or its vice-versa ???
Well ! so much so for now.

Ford SLVR Cannon "Coming Soon" i dont knw the brand, i forgot i just made it up. but the execution " Brilliant" !

The world's most beautiful game has blacks and whites. Remove RACISM. I just realised Blacks are in all the game. like today West indies.. black, soccer- no doubt, Athletics..marion jones, jhonson, maurice green n many., basketball: Do i need to answer that? Surely evrywhere.. that something good !

The Client : Playstation 2.

I told you dude. DO NOT mix alcohol WITH DRIVING. I dint get how he broke his leg while driving ... still pondering..
See it close if you dont get it. Its the "wonderbra" You know what " My son is gonna join this school or college, whatever"

Hahaha ... sometimes the good ideas are right infront of you. this is nice.. the alogan reads: Dont let the stain ruin your day. Use ARIEL.
Source: Incase u get more interested, it is Creative Criminal, the link is in sidebar.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I literally RAN

I am really amazed at this point, and I am still running. Have u ever imagined running from the exam. I mean not leaving the examination hall but running and i am not speaking metamorphically.It happened many times in friends when Chandler was watching that broadway show and he had no other option. When Ross left Mondler after Monica found the refridgerator magnets and the house arrangements medled with. When Joey ran away from the music auditions where all he could teach his pupils was.. keeping ur hands near ur ears and saying WHEE..

time: 12:30pm : 16/10/2006
Dry Afternoon... Lazy sun up in sky doing its routine.
Examination: Mass Transfer. and Teacher :DEAN.

This is it. Sitting in the hall giving examination. For those of you who do not know I am in IIT. Examination began before the time I entered I guess so! the professors were at the front desk. I chose an appropriate seat for cheating which I always do.This examination was beyond our league and as I say our. its for all 3rd year guys of DPT who r cheering.. Whu Whoo Whu whoo.
Shank, Utkarsh, Yogesh and Rohit were sitting around me. They were blank too. No-one had even opened the book this time. Far off I can see Saurabh writing Metallica lyrics. He's fond of doing that, kind of a hobby. Shank was mesimerized in his thoughts, Must be busy thinkin abt his girl. (She has Honda city and Toyota Corrolla : PERSONAL) Yogesh is funny, he is scribbling, not in the notebook my friend, on the desk. Cool.. I mean Utkarsh, we call him COOL coz his yahoo id is "coolbudyya" is weird. He is being weird, that's all what he does.

Still as my eyes went ahead near the front rows, I could see them. Anwar, Vamsi, Bhargava, even Viswashanti (yea ! That indeed is a name and not a noise, my friend ).They were writing indeed. Wonder if they knew anythin or just write coz thats what they are famous for; Smart South Indians, lets not regionalize so we will call them " Haddu (hyderabad) Geeks" OR let it be "HEEKS" Kind of a cool name. Half an hour had passed, I didn't dare even to write my name on the paper. It was totally blank. For once I could see Gajju Sir ( BTech 4th yr Student. had been doing summer terms (repeating courses) every year. Presently: Still completing his course of electicals of 1st semester in his 8th semester. First semester he got E; He studied again and then he got F. Smokin..Isn't it) in me.

35 minutes passed: I looked around, No chits, no hope.

I thought to stand but fuck, my heart was pounding hard. Nehow I got up. I leaped to reach the other invigilator, I saw the professors waiting for me to reach them, but I deposited the blank paper 2 some lady and didnt even look back . I RAN AWAY. ..(I did indeed saw the people eyeing and someone shouting " Kya hua"?)

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Terum pum pum pum...

7 Words Every guy wants to HEAR.
Fine, Fine. I love you. Now Go.
this is fun
ha aha hahaaa
Cheerz !