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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Justice Dynied

Prison Sign Generator

On the serious note I would say “Saurabh, Get the fuck out of my class” retorted Ms Bakshi. Well Mam! And our eyes met. I could clearly see the fiery in her eyes and felt the hatred in mine. But why should I be blamed for something which I had not done. I wasn’t the one who drew it on her desk.. The naked Vitruvian chick with her hands on the lips and berating mouths.

Blood was gushing in, raged and yet anxious, I was apprehensive of the consequences.
What if the princi comes to know about it, I am gonna be a dead meat. Anyhow past is past. I finally ended in his office and I broke down. [Plea for mercy was accepted]

Chuck all this!
You know what the best thing was, the morning soccer practice @ 6a.m in the rainy season, which continued for 2 hours and rest 2 hrs was for mud-rugby. Nostalgic and exhilarating, sexy times man! Some of the other which I can recall would be…

Making Maggi: Once we made 26 packets of maggi in a bucket. Wo! That was hell lot of it and 8 guys ate it. (Just to tell, we didn’t cook, just put hot water from geyser add magi leave it for 10 mins nd then add the masala and mixed it together. It would be gross for some of you but a treat for us)

Wash my filthy socks ‘Junior’: It’s like when you say “You are a bloodsucker” Helpless innocents, in 7th class washing our filthiest, muddy socks at 11-12 pm in night. [No sympathy, its a rule which can’t be broken]

Show the bum: The hockey matches, if you lose you gonna get some ass whooping and it hurt badly, man it was Nike@Butt.

Gay stories: ha, It's like everyone knew that Punani wasn’t a tropical fruit! Yet they asked for it!

♀: We didn’t have them there. But sometimes the gods were too munificent. Mayo, Welhams, Lawrence Sanawar, MGD, Vivek High (they weren’t hostellers so didn’t have the vibe), Lawrence Lovedale, The long legged lasses was surely great to see @ the campus.

Chatting wid housemaster: Believe it or not, but once we chatted with our housemaster (us being a chick) and that fucker fell for it. It was like the funniest day ever. We literally saved the conversation and sent emails around the school, not missing his email add. For the evening roll-call he didn’t come. Ha what a jerk!

Mission In-Possible: We always use to order dinner from Chawla’s.(once a month) Now the delivery boy had to come up to the fort but they weren’t allowed to come within the premises of the houses, he used to stand at entry of fort, which is abt 8 km away from our house. Now just to tell you every fort has a road which surrounds the whole fort.
At 9:30 in night the mission began with black t-shirts, black trousers, a torch and sticks.
3 people used to get food for the whole batch (about 20 people.Who would go was through inky-pinky ponky, though each person had to go atleast once in 1 semester)

Climbing down the motor pipe, from 2nd floor, jumping the wall with glass n wires stuck on them, creeping on the ground bruising ur body and face, cautious of the monitor lizards (Now, we had this 4-5 foot long lizards.. they were fucken creepy n slimy, would scare the crap out of you at night, we had sticks and torch for that)
Moreover we had to be careful of the school guards who were fucken honest. Then walk down bare-foot (coz the shoes-rambling-with-stones sound would alert the guards)
It was a fucken insane job. Considered to be highly dangerous!

Neway then once you reach the gates through that road, the guy used to stand at a fixed position, near the jungle surrounding teachers’ houses.
We used to run at this guy (coz our dress was so fucken weird) throw money; he throws food and back to hostel the same way.

Fuck it’s bin a long post man.
I dunno how to end, but the thing is
Boarding School Rocks.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

October Seventeen '73

Do you really wanna mess with the person who had an unsuccesful attempt to commit suicide, the person who alleged to kill his wife, who has been in defamation suit filed by his mother, who has been hit cruelly to go in the state of coma, whose father left him whe he was barely 15 months, whose mother doped, whose uncle commited suicide, another one killed his brother in law, whose wife was found kissing another man, with whom he remarried and again got divorced, and when i finally thought he would give a nice clean song, his best friend got killed.

check for more details, don't wanna summarize. everything is worth reading.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Aa Muaahh

I don’t remember so very well, but sitting idly here waiting for the mess to open at 1 p.m, my mind flickered through the best cuisines I have ever had (of course beside mum's cooking)

Finally frustrated with the 'fukin stiff rubber-bread' on the plane, I finally got relief, when my request got a "yes-yes v do have tht" from the German, who gave 4 yogurts to me. Frankfurt to Colorado was one never-ending journey, however Kathleen with her 'pink-iriver' never made me feel like a hermit!
"Basically bcoz I was all engrossed in my own thoughts talking to myself n not to my neighbour"

She had nice thighs, and her t-shirt showed...(Neway the point is I had a nice time during the journey :)

No digressions now.I must start with ma favorites:

Chipotle Burritos

It's cheap n huge.. A delicious mouth-watering wrapped tortilla (tis like romali roti), black beans, rice, sour cream, cheese, lettuce, chilly-salsa (tomatoes, chilly, lemon etc)
n then u can get more of it.... hot salsa (I recommend tht)

The name just makes me ravenous.

I have heard that Rodeos do serve nice burritos, however I doubt its taste.

Olive Garden Tiramisu

Enchanting dawdling wine trickling down the sides, cream, bread... trust me I dunno what it was. But the finest desert I have ever had. By the way: Don’t ever think to have it at Barista... It Sucks! (No way have tastes like the Italians had)

Quiznos Sub

Like the lunch-sandwiches, with tomatoes, onions, cheese lettuce, olives...this has its own peculiar taste... much like the subway however larger and yes my friend "unlimited coke n finger chips are really transfixing"

Juanita's Enchiladas
The soft, fresh corn tortilla rolled and stuffed with your choice of filling, topped with red or green sauce, melted cheese and onions. I doubt if you can eat one whole of that dish!

Old Chicago pizzas
Hmm, pijja.. That wasn’t just a pizza of dominos or pizza hut where just oregano and chilly would serve the purpose. It was this huge pineapple pizza, with many things n so many things. Let the menu describe it and nt me!

Cold Stone Ice creams
Like it, Love it or Can't live without it (punch line to choose the size u want)

That was near the Times Square, I was hankering an ice-cream and that's the place where I landed with ma brother, surely famous n jam-packed.

Starbucks Cold coffee
Whipped wid ice-cream, ice cubes and enamored by beautiful white girl's hand..politely askng u
"Anything else you would like to have sir?"
Whooo hoooo!

Tiny Tots Ice cream....
That you do find a lot at Gurgaon malls these days. However it was new 4 me when I had it, tasted really nice.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

I never learn....


okay! cut it now

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

that's Joey Tribbiani

Well! Not a thing to mention about but it cracks me up every time.
The regular sceen at Monica's kitchen. Joe's sandwich is all what he is staring. Ross with his quirks which is gleefully heard by Monica and Rachel. Out of the blue, Joe's expressions catches attention, where he is doing his ' fart' acting (as listening to Ross) which he always does when he "thinks". Well surely not his cup of tea but anyway.

Joe: Hey Ross! Temme one thing. I got a science question.
Ross: Oh..k Shoot !
Joey:Well.. ! If homosapiens were infact...( a slight pause) HOMO Sapiens
Is that the reason why they are extinct?

Ross (amazed a bit though.. replied) "Joey! Homo Sapiens are people".

Joey ( smirked.. and in jest) : Hey Ross. Its okay... I am not JUDGING.



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